Thursday, March 19, 2009

Completely -- cannegardner

It's a nice playful site, and they exclaim that they take no fee or commission, the author just pays the printing charges. Ok?

The only reason I noticed them at all was because of a press release stating that they have contracted CPI as their UK printer. Yes, that's right, you select your printer???

Their claim to fame is that they connect you to pod printers all over the globe. And it says their platform takes the complexity out of self-publishing, without having to worry about margins, page sizes, embedded fonts, etc. Must be one hell of a system, because we all know that Lightening Source and many other pod printers have very specific specifications for file uploads. The faq section is set up like a Q&A board and is rather random trying to hunt information down, which made the overt cuteness just irritating to me. I am certain there are specs somewhere on the site, but I couldn't get much information simply because in order to search the shambles of a help section, they make you log-in. So, take it for what you will. They say they are: A Great Fun Stepping Stone to Getting Published. Along with: Agents and Publishers on Completely Novel will see the best books ... all commission free. HHHHMMMMM???? Yes, that was a big skeptical hhhmmm.

Info can be found here. And a more in-depth interview with Anna Lewis can be found on SPR's site here.

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fiona skovronsky said...

I found what you said about Completely Novel to be unjustly negative. Maybe you've had bad experiences elsewhere before.
My experience with Completely Novel has been excellent. The quality of my book, published by them, is excellent bookstore quality, and outlets in my town are keen to stock it. There are absolutely no hidden charges with Completely Novel, and when you email them, you get really helpful replies.