Saturday, May 31, 2014

REVIEW: Zero Sum Game

Title: Zero Sum Game
Author: S. L. Huang
Genre: science fiction, thriller
Price: $4.99 (ebook)
Publisher: SL Huang
Point of SaleAmazon B & N / Kobo
Reviewed by: Chris Gerrib

SL Huang works in the entertainment industry in Hollywood and has a degree in mathematics from MIT.  This unusual mix leads to a really stunning first novel.  Zero Sum Game stars Cas Russell, a math whiz turned mercenary.  Cas uses her math skills to dodge bullets, out-leverage tough guy and general kick ass.  Unfortunately for Cas, her skills bring her to the attention of an organization called Pithias. Even more unfortunate is that somebody appears to have a way to control Cas’ mind.

Zero Sum Game is a fast-paced action mystery, in which a surprisingly likable math whiz tries to get a handle on some exceptionally weird goings on in modern-day Los Angeles.  Informed by S. L. Huang’s long residency in the city, the action feels reasonably realistic.  Huang’s characters are not your average people, yet they are well-rounded, even (perhaps especially) the evil ones.  There are no mustachio-twirling villains here. 

This novel is a classic thriller – the stakes are no less than humanity itself.  I purchased Zero Sum based on a review at Heroines of Fantasy and I’m pleased with my decision.  The novel ends fairly, although we’re promised a thriller Half Life in 2015.  I for one enjoyed Zero Sum and am looking forward to Half Life.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Authors Alliance

The first I heard of the Authors Alliance was the rather bitchy warning posted about them by the Authors Guild. I know very little about either group but as a former academic I don't appreciate being squished under that very broad brush they are using to attack TJ Stiles (whoever that is).

My overall impression is that I should probably give both groups a wide berth.  But if anyone out these is more familiar with just WTF this is all about--please share.

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