Sunday, March 22, 2009

Against All Odds, Small Presses Prosper

Against All Odds, Small Presses Prosper

Indies find ways to work through a tough economy

By Lynn Andriani and Jim Milliot -- Publishers Weekly, 3/2/2009

Despite brutal economic conditions, several independent publishers managed to find ways to grow both their sales and profits in 2008. How did they do it? They are not afraid to be frugal—forgoing advances in favor of offering higher royalties, for example; and they practice innovation—“mining data” for new audio prospects, in the case of Tantor, or teaching authors how to self-promote, as Morgan James does. These 11 presses have adopted a combination of strategies that have helped them not only survive in the recession, but prosper. Full Article Can be Read Here.
This article is supposedly talking about Small Indie Presses, not self-publishing DIY sites or subsidiary publishing sites, but I thought the article was appropriate to post so that indie authors can get a better handle on what changing in the publishing world ... What makes the article even more interesting is that two presses mentioned also deal in the "vanity/subsidiary press market." So take what you will from the article. -- cannegardner

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