Monday, March 23, 2009

Interesting ... Very Interesting

Xlibris to Promote Self-Published Books with Publishers Weekly
Xlibris links up with the highly respected Publishers Weekly to promote self-published titles.

March 5, 2009 (FPRC) -- Xlibris, the self-publishing industry leader, has announced the launch of their Publishers Weekly Marketing Packages to help self-published authors in promoting their books.These packages enable authors to maximize the full potential of their marketing campaign by promoting their self-published book on the different Publishers Weekly services that cover both print and online media.Publishers Weekly is a well-respected international news magazine that serves all segments in the creation, production, marketing and sale of the written word. On print, their presence is made known through the Publishers Weekly Magazine. Online, they are known through the website where they feature five niche-oriented e-newsletters namely the PW Daily, Cooking the Books, Children’s Bookshelf, Religion BookLine, and PW Comics Week.Combining online and print advertising, these marketing packages from the self-publishing leader gives authors the opportunity to reach out to not only the niche markets of their books, but also to literary agents and publishers looking for the next big thing in books.
Now you might remember a post here on the peeps site talking about The Publishers Weekly Review It Yourself Program. I wonder how this all ties into that, especially, how it ties into the self-published author's wallet. Xlibris site says: Reach out to every major publisher worldwide with Publishers Weekly – the industry’s periodical of record. WOW, for a cool $ 2,799 you can get a single print ad in Publishers Weekly ... oh wait, you get a press release with that that is sent to 100 media outlets. I guess this is why the self-publishing industry is doing well right now -- at the author's expense, of course. I would love to hear from authors who have used paid marketing campaigns. Please comment, our readers would love to know if the money spent actually increased the sale of your fiction book so astronomically that it was worth it in spades. -- cannegardner

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