Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Time of Rest -- c.anne.gardner

Those who know me well know that the week of the winter solstice is the only week out of the year where I truly, physically and spiritually, force myself to rest. Actually, I don't really need much forcing. After all, this is the week where darkness turns to light in many ways and taking a moment to reflect silently while the darkness makes to descend upon us so deeply seems appropriate and necessary. It's a time to rejuvenate my creative energies for the year to come, so I want to snuggle in, warm my body, and feed my soul. A lovely fire to do that by helps enormously.

So here's to a week of thoughtlessness. No thoughts on the craft, or the publishing industry, or eBooks, or sales stats, or reviews ... or anything else related to writing for that matter. I can't resolve a new direction for 2011 if I don't take a moment to look back over my shoulder at where I have been, so for me, this is a time of repose. I hope that I will see you all in the New Year. Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, and much love and light.

Cheryl Anne Gardner

The art this week is: Heart of Snow by David Robert Hughs


Jim Murdoch said...

Take the time. If you're like me if you never slept another day in your life and spent every last second doing what you needed to do when the Grim Reaper did finally knock on your door you'll tell someone to make him a cuppa and keep him talking while you just finished what you were working on. None of us have enough life to do what we want to do - fact - so what's the odd week here and there?

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

My thoughts exactly, and I spent the week appreciating other people's art. Well, I did some sculpting of my own. :-)