Sunday, October 17, 2010

Indie Congrats Go Out To:

Congratulations are in order today for a few of our favorite Indie Authors. Most of you have heard of Amazon Encore, which is Amazon's traditional publishing arm. Our news alert today features a few of those authors whose Indie books have been selected for traditional publication by Amazon among others. Most of the books profiled here have been reviewed on this very blog. I guess we here at the PodPeople have good taste, and we know a good book when we read one, so without further ado…

R. J. Keller’s Waiting for Spring, acquired by Amazon Encore. Read about it here, and here.

Kristen Tsetsi’s Homefront and How Not to Have Children, acquired by a small publisher yet to be named. Read about it here.

Craig Lancaster’s 600 Hours of Edward was re-released by Riverbend Publishing, and his new book The Summer Son was acquired by Amazon Encore. Read about it here.

Our own Chris Gerrib recently had his new Sci-Fi novel Pirates of Mars [working title] picked up by Hadley Rille Books. Read about it here.

Elisa Lorello recently had two books acquired by Amazon Encore: Faking it and Ordinary World. Read about it here.

We here at the PodPeople would like to extend a big Indie Congrats to these authors. We hope to see many more announcements like these, especially for those Indies seeking traditional publication. Good Luck to all of you.

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