Monday, October 18, 2010

The New Wordsmiths

The New Wordsmiths is a new editorial service run by people from the Iowa Writing Workshop – pretty much the best brand name for writing schools. What separates the Wordsmiths from some other editorial services is the credentials of the staff.

I read this over on Self-Publishing and then I went over to the Wordsmiths' site to check out the fees for their editorial services, which are as follows if you are looking for just some basic editing:


WordSmiths also offers editing services. We offer copyediting for grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and/or a complete editorial line edit of the project. Line editing is time and talent intensive. But it is appropriate when the author feels he or she needs help in language issues before they can work with the higher order issues in the text. Copyediting: $6 to $9 per page. Line editing: $10 to $20 per page.

They also have an affiliate program with Indie Reader, but I will let Henry Baum explain all that since he has quite an extensive interview with The New Wordsmiths' Book Editor Kurt Gutjahr over on the SPR site. Read the full article here.

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