Tuesday, April 06, 2010

REVIEW: Razor Wire Pubic Hair

Title: Razor Wire Pubic Hair
Author: Carlton Mellick III
Genre: fantasy
Price: $9.85
Publisher: Eraserhead Press
ISBN: 9780972959810
Point of Sale: Amazon
Reviewed by: veinglory

In a post-Apocalyptic style future a hermaphroditic living sex-toy is purchased by a warrior woman to sire a child. They live in an isolated house with a mutant warrior woman called Sister whose body is covered in vaginas. The surrounding land is populated by perverse creatures, hungry zombies and a gang of violent rapists is approaching threatening to wipe out the entire household. And other that our sex-doll protagonists, all of these characters are women, because in this world men are extinct.

Razor Wire Pubic Hair is a book that is predominantly about sex, but it is not erotica. It is very surreal, but has a linear plot and characters with clear motivations and relationships. It explores violent sexual acts but is not gratuitous. Even on of the central rather nihilistic ideas (that the only point of life is sex) are not particularly depressing given the sincere love that the sex doll has for his/it's owner/lover.

This is, in brief, a bizarre but eminently readable short novel. I sat down and read it on one evening, the short scenes, direct language, easy-reading format and even the lack of page numbers seem to propel the reader through the book. The only banal things about it is the cover--which could not conceivably be said to represent any character in the book and belongs in a world of sexually available cyber-Barbies that is almost diametrically opposed to this story full of aggressively modified, tattooed and armored self-obsessed sadistic amazons and devouring monster vaginas with eyes.

Do not read this book if you are offended by (or actively disinterested in) fiction containing graphic language, sacrilegious acts, torture, promiscuity, murder or thoughtful perversity in any of its forms.

Rating: 8/10


Cheryl Anne Gardner said...
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Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

Love Bizarro Fiction. I discovered Mellick over on Facebook, believe it or not. His Faggiest Vampire was part of a Bizarro book quiz. Then Amazon recommended Satan Burger to me, based on my reading tastes. His next on my TBR list is Baby Jesus Butt Plug. And you are right, his work is not for the ultra sensitive. :)

Cindy said...

I can highly recommend this book, I bought it before I read the review and read it on the plane to jersey. It's a thought provoking, fascinating read.

Anonymous said...

I read the book myself in the space of about an hour. The week before, though, I'd also read the new edition of William Burroughs's "Naked Lunch", arguably the wellspring for every book of this stripe.

What struck me most about "Lunch" was how, for better or worse, it came out of extremely specific things in Burroughs's life -- his experiences with drugs, his time in Tangiers and other ports of call, and so on. "RWPH" just seemed to be a product of having read not even "Naked Lunch" itself but other books inspired by "Naked Lunch" -- the same way modern fantasy is inspired by third- or fourth-hand readings of Tolkien, not the cultural soil that Tolkien himself was tilling.

Razor Wire said...

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