Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Call Out from Odyssey Reviews

This is a cross post from the Odyssey Review Site, and you know how I advocate reviewing. Writers become better writers by reviewing, and I have written several articles on the subject. If you are interested, give them a shout.

So from our friends at Odyssey:

Odyssey Reviews was happily chugging along for a while there with two wonderful, reliable reviewers. But we've all run up against life... and lots of problems have cropped up that have taken out our little panel of reviewers, including me... Odyssey's owner.My papa is dying, my life is crazy, my work is insane, and my other endeavors are not only taking over, but also being neglected. I need help. I need reviewers! Help keep this site up and running for the sake of the long list of queries sitting in my inbox... for the sake of authors who could use exposure. For the sake of books. :)If you're interested in becoming a reviewer, please contact me via the email herodyssey at msn dot com. You will be much appreciated. :) All you need is a love of books and the ability to write an intelligible, well-rounded review. That's all there is to it.


Emily Veinglory: said...

Of course, we wouldn't turn down a new reviewer or two either :)

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

Of course. I just posted a call-out over on a facebook group, so we shall see.