Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bloody Bridge Review

From time to time, I check the followers section of the Pod People blog. Yes, if you follow us, I will look at your website … not just because I am a nosy parker, but I like meeting new authors and new readers. I WANT to get to know you. You have decided to follow our little Indie review blog, and to me that means we share a common interest, be it writing or reading.

Last week, another follower joined us, and I wanted to take a minute to welcome them because they are just a little bit different than our “normal” follower. Welcome Bloody Bridge Review.

Bloody Bridge Review is new to me and apparently new to the world. According to the site, they are an online short fiction and poetry lit e-zine.

All authors of short fiction, especially flash fiction, know how hard it is to find a venue to publish their work. I recently Facebooked an article from MotherJones.com titled The Death of Fiction where the article begs the question: Lit mags were once launching pads for great writers and big ideas. Is it time to write them off?

Personally, I don’t think so. While print magazines might be limiting their fiction sections and some are cutting them altogether, and subsidized lit journals have begun “offloading their publications” due to overburdened budgets and dwindling readership, the article states, I have seen an outpouring of Indie fiction on the web. I have seen sites with thriving readership such as The Exquisite Corpse, Café Irreal, and Our Stories. While not all of these are paying markets, they are still places that understand the value of short fiction. Short fiction is not a dying art even if the mainstream publishing engine ignores it because they can’t turn a buck. Hell, the literary novella would be a dead genre if weren’t for e-publishers, and they just prove that there are readers out there who enjoy short fiction.

So let’s welcome Bloody Bridge Review and see if we can’t get them some submissions. Their guidelines are noted here, and for one, I appreciate their honesty. I was tempted to submit to them myself, but I am not a short fic writer: my two pieces of short fic come in at 800 and 2000 words respectively, but I know many a short fic writer out there and would like to see this site do well. No, I am not personally affiliated with the site, and I don’t know the person or person(s) in charge of it, nor do I know what their particular qualifications are, though I would like to see that elaborated upon on the site.

Anyway, welcome Bloody Bridge Review. The Podpeople wish you well and hope for much success in all your endeavors. We are always ready to raise a glass for short fiction.

Cheryl Anne Gardner


Bloody Bridge Review said...

Thanks for this!

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

You are welcome; much success to and your writers.