Monday, November 09, 2009

Announcement from the LL Book Review -- Shannon Yarbrough

Greetings all!
Good news for self-published authors seeking book reviews.

Back in March 2008, the Lulu book review appeared on the scene as the exclusive place for Lulu authors to get their books reviewed. At that time, the Lulu book review was a one-man show, hosted by Shannon Yarbrough author of Stealing Wishes. In 2009, the Lulu book review updated its look, its name -- now the LL Book Review -- and expanded its review range by accepting books from Wordclay and CreateSpace authors. A few months later, they added Outskirts Press to the mix. Mr. Yarbrough states: "We briefly contemplated adding Lightning Source this month because lately, our queries for reviews have been light. However, the other two reviewers and I have decided to throw down our guns and jump into the review field with fists flying!"

So, as of today, The LL Book Review will now accept books from all POD/Self-Publishing companies. "That's right!" Mr. Yarbrough says. "We're throwing our publisher short list out the window and will now accept queries from all self-published authors across the board!"

We here at the podpeople like that idea very much, and wish The LL Book Review team much success.

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