Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Digital Books, The Story's Just Starting -- Victor Keegan

The publishing industry has handled the digital revolution almost as poorly as the music industry did.

Victor Keegan, Wednesday 5 August 2009 20.00 BST

Gutenberg's development of movable type in the 15th century was probably the most influential European invention of the second millennium. It paved the way for mass production, and the revolution is continuing in the digital age. Movable type has got more movable as it migrates into computers, mobile phones and e-reader devices. Having begun as an illuminated manuscript read by an elite few, the book may one day not exist in physical form yet be read by billions on mobile devices.

We are so used to digital miracles we have become blasé. It passed almost without notice that, at least in the US and Canada, up to a million Google-scanned books can now be read on Sony's ebook device, the Reader. Amazing. Read the rest of the Article Here.

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