Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Author Marketing Experts

From their website:

New Ways to Find a Publisher

In an age of new media where the rules are changing faster than we can write them, it would make sense that publishing rules are changing too, wouldn’t it? Does it still make sense to query an agent, go to conferences and network with other writers? Or should you just sit home and blog and hope someone finds you online? Truth be told, it’s a combination of all of it. Sites like Twitter have really leveled the playing field. If used effectively, Twitter can really help you to leverage your market. You don’t have to be a superstar when you start on Twitter but you can certainly become one by being on it. Then of course there’s blogging, and social networking, video and on and on. So what should a budding author do to get noticed? Or, perhaps you have self-published a book and want to get a mainstream house to pick it up. The key here is to first identify your goals, then find ways to go after them both online and off.

Do Queries Make Sense?
Does Networking Matter?
Facebook Strategies, What will get you noticed?
Plus much more.

About AMEAuthor Marketing Experts, Inc. (AME) is a full-service marketing and PR firm specializing in customized campaigns and Internet Marketing. AME was the first book publicity firm to successfully implement the use of blogs, ezines, web sites, social networking platforms, social bookmarking, and book video to promote authors. AME has developed and implemented countless marketing and publicity strategies and has worked numerous bestselling titles including: The Go Giver, Happy for No Reason, The Laws of Thinking, and Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul. Numerous high-profile clients have sought their expertise as well: renowned psychic and ghost buster, Jane Doherty, Barney Rosenzweig creator of Cagney & Lacey, Jac Flanders (of the original Fantastic Four) and Tammi Menendez, wife of Erik Menendez and the first eBay auction of a Princess Diana gown (lot “9” from Christie’s New York). AME’s clients have been featured on The View, CBS The Early Show, The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, CNN, CNN Showbiz Tonight, National Public Radio, Something You Should Know, The Heloise Show and in Publishers Weekly, Reader’s Digest, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Essence Magazine, More Magazine, The Bridal Guide, Entertainment Weekly, MSNBC… and many others.


I haven't see any bad press about this one. If anyone has any experience with this company, we would love to hear from you, but from what I have read, if you are looking for book marketing assistance, this might be a place to check out. Edited to add: As with all marketing, it is up to the Self-published author to do their research. There are zillions of marketing strategies out their from press releases to bookmarks and now apparently "stamps." How effective any strategy is will vary from author to author, book to book, and PR firm to PR firm. So, research, research, research ... before you spend one cent.


Chris Gerrib said...

I have a very bad feeling about this organization. The website is all about them, and nothing about their clients. More importantly, who are their clients? I spent 20+ minutes on their site and couldn't tell you who they represent. Which suggests that they folks they represent aren't that successful - or don't exist.

I can tell you that Penny C. Sansevieri is the owner of Author Marketing Experts. She's also, as far as I can tell, the only employee.

Emily Veinglory: said...

I tend to assume paying money to someone is a waste of time, unless they have a proven track record not only of success--but sucess leading to the author's financial net profit. How many self-publishers have benefited from using paid specialists? A few, but they really knew what they were doing. (For example Maggie Anton and Anne Herendeen).

Floyd M. Orr said...

Emily and Chris, I have spoken privately to Cheryl Anne about AME and this issue. She can fill you in on the details if you are interested. Thank you for your insightful comments.

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

That's why I added the extra commentary to the post after my discussion with Floyd. I couldn't find any valid public complaints to cite, and so I couldn't in good conscience post a warning. But all authors need to do their research and find out what companies like these offer exactly and find out if their client spin is valid.

I don't like to immediately distrust, but in this business you have to err on that side by default. Shame really, but that is how it is.

Henry Baum said...

Chris, you spent 20 minutes on the site and couldn't find the "Our team" link or testimonials? I've interviewed Penny and Paula for Self-Publishing Review (and been interviewed by them for a podcast) and they seem genuine and sincere. That said, hiring a PR firm isn't something you should do unless you can really afford it. There are ways to do what they're doing on a budget if you've got the time.

Chris Gerrib said...

Henry Baum - I found the "testimonial" link. I have no idea who the people testifying are or what level of success (if any) they got from AME.

Seven said...

I checked the books they marketed some where successful and some weren't (according to amazon ranking).
They where recommended to me, but still confused to pay all this money!
But are there any other proven alternatives?

Autho Ramp said...

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