Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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So you want to be a writer!

Once upon a time, writers were solitary creatures, agonizing in isolation over every word, waiting for the day when their books would get noticed by an agent and wind up on the shelves of bookstores around the world.

No longer! In the brave new world of all things digital, there's more than one way to skin a cat - and more than one way to write and get published. WEbook is a community of writers who come together to write, give and get tough, honest feedback, and maybe make a few friends along the way. WEbook is transforming the landscape-one writer at a time.

At WEbook, you'll find the tools you need to help you make your writing dreams come true - no matter what those dreams are. Want to go the traditional route, find an agent, and make it to the big time? WEbook can set you on your way. Want to forge your own path through self-publishing? Let WEbook help you draw up a roadmap. Want to have a good time, become a better writer, and maybe achieve a little internet fame along the way? WEbook has totally got you covered.

The best of the best WEbook writers wind up in real books discovered right here on the site, voted for by our members, and published by WEbook. Keep your eyes open for the WEbook Vote, and a chance to get your book in the running. Or, show off your stuff in a WEbook-sponsored collection that brings together the best stories, essays, and poems on designated topics.
Ready to find your path to becoming a writer? Join WEbook today! It's free!


This site is a hybrid self-publishing/traditional publishing/file sharing site. It works similar to Authomony in that writers upload their work for free, get read and critiqued in forums and groups, and if their work is voted best of the best, they are offered a traditional publishing contract with Webook to have their book put out in print or one of the various other book formats. From the terms of use, here is the definition of Publication:

Generally, WEbook will consider publishing Works that are voted in the top 10% of all considered Works on the Site. However, WEbook reserves the right to depart from this measure for Works that, in WEbook's sole discretion, are otherwise worthy or not worthy of publication.
When WEbook decides to publish a Work, WEbook will contact the author(s) and, as appropriate, the Project Leader for the Work, about a publishing contract for the Work.
For purposes of this Agreement, "Publish" means publication of a Work or part of a Work in or as a book, an electronic book, a digital book, a magazine, a journal, a downloadable or electronically transferable file(s), print-on-demand publication, an audio-book, online, a format that can be used with products such as Amazon's "Kindle" or Sony's"Reader" (or any other device created in the future), and in any other manner that exists now or in the future that enables humans to read, hear, or view the Work.

Royalty payments are set up a slightly different and are divided between the author and what they call "Project leaders." Please read their terms of use carefully.

Webook also offers a "Community Sourced" book platform, which means anyone within the community can contribute to a book project once it's opened up. Course it's not a free for all, this is where the project managers come in, but the idea of colaborative works via social networking is just simply wonderful.

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