Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pitch Parlour -- Go on, Send it In.

We have a new critique blog on the scene called Pitch Parlour.

I know what you are thinking: It’s not a review site, so why am I mentioning it? Well, the concept is a little like Query Fail and a First Chapter critique all wrapped up into one with the added benefit of requiring a synopsis, as well. "What’s all that about?" you say. I’ll tell you: Even if you are a self-published author, you may still be in pursuit of the traditional publishing contract, and the fastest way to rejection slip hell is a poorly written query, a poorly written synopsis, and a drab or convoluted start to your novel. This new blog happens to address all three in a rather unique way. It's a little like Authonomy and a little like The Publetariat Vault. The blog owner screens the queries but will not be reviewing the submissions. The assessment will done by the community at large via the blog comments section. A posted submission gets you listed, and Agents and Publishers will be able to pick through the queries to see if anything interests them.

There is no charge to submit, you just need the courage to do so. See here for Submission Guidelines.

We here at the Peeps wish Pitch Parlour the best of luck and hope to see some publishing dreams come true.


L.K. Campbell said...

For some reason the direct link to their submissions page isn't working. I copy and pasted the link from their page:

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

Thanks L.K. I removed the link and refreshed it.

miss pitch said...

Dear Cheryl,

Thanks for this post. The pitches are coming in, and the blog is building. I've now introduced writer/agent/publisher interviews and have some lovely ones lined up already. Submitting your pitch does take courage, but I think writers can see from the comments that the feel of the blog is constructive and supportive.

Thanks again!

Miss P