Tuesday, July 28, 2009

News Links

Bikers unite: Self-published author gets boost from Jay Leno
"The real benefit for me, though, will probably come in future projects. I've got a screenplay in development, based on a real-life motorcycle "Great Escape" from the Nazis at the beginning of World War II that people will be more inclined to read; maybe future projects will be more likely to find a publisher."

An Appreciation: E. Lynn Harris (R.I.P.)
"Taking an unpaid leave of absence from work, he sold thousands of copies out of the trunk of his car as he went from city to city and beauty shop to barbershop promoting the book. Invisible Life detailed the story of Raymond Tyler Jr., who has a homosexual encounter while in college, though dating a woman. He afterward struggles with his sexuality, trying to determine whether he's straight, gay, or bisexual."

Springs woman publishes books in her barn
"Haag and her marketing manager Karen Egan have churned out nearly 100 books during the past six years, most of them from Colorado Springs authors, and no one book selling more than 1,000 copies. Yet ... Haag has faith that she is publishing quality editions of classics that will still be selling decades from now. "

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