Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And Why Not One More ...

I had never heard of this company until I recently saw an ad on Facebook.

From About

BookRix is an internet portal and the first book community where anyone can place their own books, short stories, poems etc. to be promoted on the web, just like a published piece. The massive Web 2.0 - Projects, which have been hugely popular with music, video and photography fans, now have a sister platform, which will delight literature fans around the world: BookRix provides an online destination where authors can showcase their work. Registered users will get to design their own personal profile page. This gives users the opportunity to create their own books, recommend their favorite literature and promote themselves as authors and/or readers.

BookRix allows writers to create their own projects and display their work to others. The BookRix-Format enables users to design individual books. All one needs is a web browser to easily publish and showcase their work.

Bookrix provides users with a platform to:
  1. Find other readers and authors
  2. Share thoughts about many interests in groups
  3. Discuss books and projects
  4. Join author fan clubs
  5. Participate in writing competitions with like-minded people in a big literary network
  6. Write reviews
  7. Send your books to friends and family via e-mail
  8. Find top-rated books and all new works


Yup. This isn't a new idea, nor was it the first of such ideas. Seems like this is the new web version of the workshop, and anyone who knows anything about writing knows that workshops have an inherently flawed dynamic. Most serious writers know what that is. But, I anticipate more of these sites popping up and making the same claims, and while I am in favour of the social networking aspect of such sites, I will leave you with Writer Beware's cautionary words.

Cheryl Anne Gardner

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