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The Digitizers ...

From Teleread: Bring the eBooks Home
The Digitizers: Hadrien Gardeur—Feedbooks cofounder, ePub advocate and Stanza ally
By Kat Meyer March 28, 2009

Moderator’s note on Hadrien Gardeur: Years ago I urged Project Gutenberg to come up with a truly slick program to download, manage and display Gutenberg books. "A book tuner," I called the idea with radio in mind. Hadrien at Feedbooks had similar dreams and acted on them.


I took a walk on over to Feedbooks site and found it to be very simple and yet very user friendly. One can self-publish their own work or publish Public Domain works. Their uploading/editing platform seems pretty error-proof and their claim is that it produces a better quality ebook than say Kindle DTP platform.

From their Terms of Use: (hereinafter also referred to as “The Website”) is a free book hosting website which enables users, after registering and opening an account, to download, store, share and comment on the electronic books proposed for reading. The books are available in different languages The books are free from copyrights as they fall in the public domain. The users have the possibility to upload electronic books. Before they are posted on the Website, FeedBooks will determine whether the publication of the said book is authorized.

Intellectual Property Rights
FeedBooks being registered in France, the content of the Website is subject to the French legislation on copyrights and other intellectual property rights. However, the electronic books offered for reading are free from copyrights as, in accordance with the legislation of France, the said books fall in the public domain.

The help section is pretty comprehensive, specifically the Self-publishing faq/guide.

Please keep in mind, this is a free-share site. -- cannegardner

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