Thursday, March 12, 2009

REVIEW: Love Unlimited Magazine (RIP)

Title: Love Unlimited
Editor: Marsha Norton
Genre: romance
Price: out of print
Publisher: Twin Sisters Publishing Company
Point of Sale: None
Reviewed by: Emily Veinglory

Late last year I became interested in the idea of self-published magazines. I am very fond of magazines but most of them irritate me by being obsessively girls, geeky or clearly intended for men. Self-publishing would allow small and more quirky readerships to access material that interested them.

So I had a search through Lulu and picked up a few magazines, on of which was "Love Unlimited" which was intended as a tri-annual publication. I did not review it until now for the simple reason that it is hard to write a constructive review to express the opinion that a publication is entirely without any redeeming qualities. But as it seems the magazine is now defunct, I suppose one little review won't make any difference.

However it is a sad truth of the self-publishing arena that choosing a book from an unknown could be charitably be described as something of a risk. As a romance magazine Love Unlimited suffers from the following major failings: 1) none of the stories in it were genre romance, 2) it is not a magazine (including the failure, perhaps fortunately, to release any further issues after this November 2008 effort.)

On top of that the writing is poor, the editing is largely absent, the formatting is bewilderingly arbitrary in every aspect (every kind of paragraphing, line spacing, justification and font appears at one place or another). More than half the (un-numbered) pages are taken up by banal "advice" columns devoid of anything I found at all helpful--not was I expecting this in "a magazine for romance writers and readers".


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