Thursday, January 15, 2009

iUniverse Launches Bookstore Premium Pro Publishing Package

iUniverse Launches Bookstore Premier Pro publishing packagePublishing Package Focuses on Enhancing a Book's Appeal to Major Booksellers The Bookstore Premier Pro publishing package offers iUniverse authors a mix of services that will make their books more attractive to the largest booksellers.

Bloomington, Ind. (PRWEB) January 7, 2009 -- iUniverse, the leading book marketing, editorial services and supported self publishing company, has unveiled a new premium publishing package focused on enhancing a book's appeal to major booksellers - the Bookstore Premier Pro.

Authors who choose to utilize the Bookstore Premier Pro publishing package to publish a book will benefit from enhanced services including the Booksellers Return Program. This high-value feature gives authors a distinct advantage over other authors in the marketplace.

"The Bookstore Premier Pro publishing package offers iUniverse authors a mix of services that will make their books more attractive to the largest booksellers," said Terry Dwyer, vice president of sales for Author Solutions - parent company of iUniverse. "The Booksellers Return Program in particular, is extremely valuable because booksellers realize they are assuming diminished risk by stocking titles that are returnable.


$2099 is the pricetag for this package, but it does include some bells and whistles and an editorial critique as well as interior and exterior design assistance, but the selling point for this package is that they are offering full returnability on the title, which makes your book more appealing to bricks and mortar bookstores. Of course this is no guarantee that you will be stocked, it supposedly gives you better odds, as meager as those odds are.


Floyd M. Orr said...

Look again at that new $2099 price tag. It does not include any editing or proofreading. Those are high-priced options, in addition to the ridiculous $2099.

In case you have missed the latest news, POD Book Reviews & More (PODBRAM) has exorcised the last vestige of any mention of iUniverse, its URL. The new URL of PODBRAM is We never were connected officially in any way with iUniverse, Inc., but the website name/URL was confusing and iUniverse, Inc. is becoming more embarrassing as a company every day. The main reason we used that name originally was simply to limit the review submissions to a manageable number. Thank you.

Sun Singer said...

Much of this increase over earlier packages comes from the amount being set aside for returns. The trouble is, if none of my books are returned, I'm not going to be getting a refund on that portion of the cost.

Since product returns in mainstream publishing are a big problem, it would be nice to see iUniverse following the HarperStudio lead (in making books less than 100% returnable) and setting up a system that discourages returns rather that charging the author of the book.


Emily Veinglory said...

Under the current system discouraging return is discouraging sales. But I have never seen an iUniverse book in a books store so I am not sure how retrurns can be a big issue?

Mick Rooney said...

The whole idea of POD publishers offering a returnable option to authors as an add-on service to somehow increase the 'saleability' of a book has always puzzled me.

The whole point of the print-on-demand book is to make it suitable for small print runs, comparable in print quality to offset printed books, and most important fulfillable against actual 'firm' orders.

Making POD printed books follow the same supply and distribution model as Traditionally printed offset books is never going to make them competitive or viable and renders the print-on-demand method pointless.

Talk to any traditional publisher and they will always concede that returns are the thorn in their side and make it makes assessing true sales over three to six months so difficult for them. If anything we need publishing to move away from mass 100% returns.

As has been already pointed out, HarperStudio are one of a few starting to take a lead in this area.

cheryl anne gardner said...

How right you are Floyd! I saw the word editorial and assumed for that price that it was more than an overall critique. I was wrong.

For some reason, a lot of self-pub authors are under the naive impression that offering a discount and returnability will magically get their book in bookstores. Yes, bookstores want that, but just offering it doesn't guarantee anything, hence the meager odds. With limited shelf space, they don't take risks either. But an author might have luck with their local Bookstore. I have a friend who has his booked stocked, but they wanted discount and returnability, so it more a consignment deal. He had to approach them.

And yes Floyd, I saw that you switched over in your profile with Breeni's bookblogger site. I was very excited. I had never considered submitting my own work to you because of the iUniverse stipulation ... so I am very happy to have one of the best pod review sites out there up and open to all.

Self-Publishing Review said...

I've seen several iUniverse books at my local (Los Angeles) Borders - in the remainders section. I've wondered how that was possible.

Great new header, btw.