Tuesday, December 30, 2008

REVIEW OF: Fairy Tales Can Come True

Title: Fairy Tales Can Come True: The Very Best Erotic Fairy Tales
Editor: Natasha Brooks
Genre: erotica
Price: $12
Publisher: EmergingEdge_Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-440460197
Reviewed by: Chris Gerrib

Fairy Tales Can Come True is the first anthology by EmergingEdge_Publishing, the publishing arm of Bareback Magazine. All of these entities consist of Natasha Brooks, making this a micro-press. In 2007, they held a contest for erotic fairy tales, and this book is the result. The anthology consists of ten short stories, and clocks in at 176 pages, including various extras such as author profiles. It has a bit uneven production values, specifically the occasional editing or layout glitch, but overall readability is good.

As one would expect, the quality of the story varies over the anthology. Some of the more memorable stories are:

The Legend of Gabriella’s Rock – in this story, Gabriella, the wayward sister of a princess, is sent away to keep her out of beds of the help. With the unwilling help of a fairy, she finds a way to satisfy her amorous needs.

Size Doesn’t Matter – a tiny fairy has great ambitions, but forgets the old adage to be “careful what you wish for - you just might get it.”

Lily and the Vine Oaks is a cute story about a forest woman finding satisfaction in the wild. It’s probably one of my favorite stories in the anthology.

Once Upon A Wet Dream takes on a new mythology, that of Ariel the Mermaid from Disney fame. It’s not a children’s story though.

Also of note, there are two gay/lesbian stories in the anthology, Arsenal and Grethel and Betroth’s Fairy Tale. Overall, the anthology is an interesting take on the old fairy tale concept. This book will be the January Friday Free Book.


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