Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NEW SITE: Self-Publishing Review

Self-Publishing Review is a new website offering book reviews and aiming to "...legitimize self-publishing – not just as a fallback plan, but as an avenue that’s increasingly necessary and useful in a competitive publishing industry."


Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

Nice site, nice set-up, but who is running the show? Couldn't find any information about the "editor" and that is always nice to know.

Not that I don't love secret advocates, we Indies can use all the advocates we can get, but I always like to know who I am getting into bed with ... You could say I am funny like that. I like to know a little background before I get my freak on.

Emily Veinglory said...

If you follow the second link there is some extra info there. Although it would be nice to also see it on the site.

Self-Publishing Review said...

Hey, thanks for giving the blog a plug. It's me - Henry Baum, author of North of Sunset (reviewed here, but it got better reviews other places, like the old Poddy Mouth). I wanted to be set up as a more general magazine-blog format - not just the site of one writer, especially as I hope to bring new writers on board.

Anyone interested in writing for the site, please use the contact form on the site.

cheryl anne gardner said...

Welcome Henry, to the world of self-pub reviewing. It's a tough gig so.

It would be nice to know more about the editor and reviewers on the actual site. I always tell authors that they should match the reviewer to the book, when possible. So, if you write satire and are versed in that genre, writers will want to know that. Anything that can substantiate your skills is a must. You have had work published, right? Mention it. I do a great deal of editing at my day job, so I have a critical editorial eye. I have also studied the academics of literature for 25 years, and I am versed in certain styles and genres.

Writers will want to know all these things about you and your reviewers. Like a resume. That way they can make more informed choices about who they submit to.

Check out breeni's book blogger site. Look at the profile questions. This is the information that is most helpful. If you submit a romance story to a sci-fi mag you will probably get rejected. This holds true for reviews, especially when the book/reviwer is a mismatch.

Full disclosure. It's just good business practice.

Self-Publishing Review said...

Thanks for the advice. I'm definitely using sites like this and Breeni Books as a template for setting up this site. I'm going to set up a contributors section - which I'll put in the top navbar - once I get reviews from contributors. I didn't just want to put myself up there because I really want this site to become more of a collective.

I've already got some interest from people in the POD review ring. Great advice for who gets what book to review and how to display their interests.

Anonymous said...

Is this site sponsored by Outskirts Press? OP seems to be the example for everything "good" while LuLu represents everything evil. Poddy Mouth (version 2) was thought to be, never proven, Brent Sampson - from OP. Seems a bit skewed & the site seems destined to be a future marketing / promo site for SP'd authors designed to help them part with their $$$, or maybe leads for future solicitations from OP. Maybe I'm wrong - just saying... I'm with Cheryl - what makes this a qualified review site? Where's the resume'????