Thursday, November 13, 2008

YouPublish releases v2.0 of Online Publishing Platform

New Site Feature Enables Users to View 28 Different File Types Directly in Browser

From Businesswire October 24, 2008

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, Oct 24, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- YouPublish (, an innovative, new file-sharing web site that lets users publish virtually any digital file type or format, free or paid, today announced v2.0 of the site that features multiple upgrades, including the ability to view 28 different file types, like video, audio, text, PDFs and photographs -- directly in the browser without downloading.
I took a look at the site and the terms of service seem fairly typical. It seems to be a standard Lulu type site for digital publishing. There is no fee for setting up an account and no fee for publishing. The largest file they can accept at this time is 100MB. They get 50% of the revenue, but they only make payments when your royalties reach $100.00. In that case payment is made monthly, and you have to pay the transaction charge. The site layout is a bit amateurish, and in the terms of service they refer to the authors' digital media/publication as "stuff", but their FAQ seems pretty comprehensive. If anyone is currently using the service the peeps would love to hear comments.


tomlopy said... is looking to publish and promote new authors.

It's a new platform. Take a look.


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We posted a piece on back on October 16.

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