Monday, November 10, 2008

Xlibris Offers Large Discounts on Book Publishing Packages

Xlibris offers 50% discount on black and white and full color publishing packages and 33%, on marketing services.
November 3, 2008 (FPRC) -- Large discounts are offered by the book publisher, Xlibris, for publishing and marketing services availed of for the whole month of November as an early holiday present for writers who wish to become authors. The leading self publishing company gives 50% price cut on black and white and full color publishing packages for writers and photographers who wish to publish their work and 33% on marketing services for authors who wish to widen the exposure of work.

I have read quite a few Xlibris books, and again they work much the same way as say an Outskirts Press or any other Non-DIY self-publishing company. Costs are comparative and packages vary according to services needed. Their basic service package for $299.00 includes a little less than what you would get with Lulu including: 3 basic cover templates, 2 interior templates, and the assignment of an ISBN but no distribution. As you add services like editing and distribution the cost goes up. You don't get copy editing until $2,999.00, which is what most Indy authors need. 50% off seems like a good deal in that case.

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