Monday, November 24, 2008

Self Publishing Made Easy -- iPhone App

Self Publishing Made Easy – iPhone App Publishes Directly To Millions Of Users

WEBWIRE – Thursday, November 06, 2008

eBook App – The Newest iPhone App For E-book Publishing Helps Authors Ride A New Wave of Computerized Publishing, Opening Doors For Many Aspiring Self-Publishers.

November 4th, 2008 – announced this week that they are launching a brand new service, designed to provide authors with worldwide exposure and readers with content that can be read right on their iPhone. This marriage of convenience has the potential to revolutionize the publishing industry and is at the forefront.

Thanks to this new application, authors will have access to millions of readers via the popular iPhone. The service converts existing books into iPhone friendly reading material, which can then be purchased and downloaded, right from the iTunes store. eBookApp is also designed with readers in mind, giving them one of the best iPhone reading experiences in the industry.

The CEO/Founder of Roger Lichfield stated, "I am always amazed at how quickly developers can produce some great applications so quickly, we feel we are one of the first to the help lay people access to the best and most affordable iPhone applications, without needing technical knowledge. Our goal is to help Authors / Publishers put their content into reader’s hands, we expect developers to want to use this app engine as well.”

For a limited time, is offering free service to authors who wish to take advantage of this technology, at their main site -

About the Company: was founded with the purpose of providing both authors and readers the ultimate experience in reading for the iPhone. The company has dedicated themselves to making sure that both ends of the market have the tools they need to enjoy books, reach out to new readers and find success in the crowded publishing arena.


I took a browse around the site and it looks pretty spiffy. Pricing seems pretty straighforward as well. According to the site's main page it seems pretty easy to get done:
  1. Submit your book in digital format: .html, .doc, .txt, or .rtf
  2. We convert your book into an iPhone book format.
  3. We take that and submit for distribution through the iPhone app store and Apple iTunes.


Pete said...

anyone know of any free service or open source for free ebook publishers?

Dr. Adam Chattopadhyay said...

You bet. For copyleft (free) projects check this out: