Thursday, October 23, 2008 -- Open Access Self-publishing

From the Press Release: October 16, 2008 is an open-access interactive web community for writers, filmmakers, and artists. Think of it as a literary magazine without the editors and publishers. The site provides the means to self-publish fiction, nonfiction, essays, poetry, short films, photography, art, and creative multimedia. Anyone can submit and there is no selection process. The audience will respond with ratings and comments, and the most popular items will be featured on the homepage.
This is pretty much as it says Open Access, which means there is no submission process nor are there editorial services. They have a few guidelines as to length and that submissions must have "Artistic or Cultural Value." Hmmmm ... Wonder who determines that?

There is a blog and a community message board attached to the site, and they section the submissions off as would an online e-mag by Issues/Genre. So for the most part, it seems to be an elaborate artistic community venture and not really "publishing" as far as traditional guidelines would dictate. They copyright using the Creative Commons License, and again, this is more of a word/art sharing site -- No Selection Process -- No Editorial Process -- No Royalties.

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