Monday, October 27, 2008

Matador Authors sign with Harper-Collins...

From the Press Release -- Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Matador is celebrating the success of two of its authors, each of whom has landed a three-book mainstream publishing deal. Melanie Rose and Polly Courtney, who both self published two novels under the Matador self publishing imprint, have signed a three-book deal with Avon, a division of Harper-Collins."
Matador publishing is a self-publishing imprint from Troubador Publishing in the UK. I would say they are comparable to Outskirts Press or a Wheatmark over here in the US. Definitely not a Lulu. But what strikes me most is their attention to quality of product. Kudos to the Authors for getting the book deals, but it is obvious that they and their chosen self-publisher really put in the effort on quality. Check out their site. It is very informative, and I feel that it offers some wonderful insight as to what makes a self-published author successful, specifically the cost page.

We always like to hear when self-published authors find success in the mainstream. It can happen, does happen, and we have profiled quite a few success stories here on the podpeeps, some of them Lulu authors. What they all had in common was a focus on success, a realistic business plan, an attention to detail, and most importantly: quality of product and presentation.

I hope to see more successes such as these in the coming years.

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Mick Rooney said...

Matador would certainly be one of the most reputiable self/subsidy publishers in the UK.

The fact that it is run run by Jeremy Robinson, one of the most successful self-publishers in the past ten years is no coincidence.