Sunday, June 22, 2008

One agent's take on mentioning self-POD in queries

My generic advice is to be aware of an agents or editors preferences before approaching them. You may be wasting your time if they really hate POD, you may want to mention it, you may not. This from Janet Reid:

"Every single time you tell me you've been published I look it up. Every single time. No exceptions. If the only edition I find on Amazon is the iUniverse edition, and there's no hint of the other edition anywhere, I'm not impressed." [read more at her blog]


L.K. Campbell said...

I've been told that mentioning my self-pubbed books has kept me from getting published. So I've decided to test the theory. I queried an editor last week and didn't mention my books at all. I said that I was unpublished. We'll see what happens. But if they do offer on my book, I'm afraid that they'll be p*ssed when they find out about my self-pubbed books.

Anonymous said...

Since I have an unusual last name, any Google search on me will pop up my self-pubbed stuff. I think one has two choices:
1) find an agent that doesn't object to self-pubbed
2) Define your self-pubbed stuff as "practice" or otherwise "not what I'm selling now."