Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reader Needs--veinglory

I think that as authors we sometime lose track of what really drives publishing, and that is what readers want--what readers need. I have a nascent idea. I want to really hear what kind of books readers want and have trouble getting. So I am going to ask. I encourage everyone to report this question and let me know so I can link to it and take note of all the replies. Post it in any kind of forum where it will be welcome, and where some kind of reader is to be found. I will really appreciate it.

The question: As a reader what specific kinds of books do you most enjoy but have trouble finding? Please be as specific as you can and describe any kind of book distinguished by any quality such as sub-genre, non-fiction subject, time period, length, writing style or anything else that is important to you as a reader. I am looking for the kinds of book you would buy more of, if you could only find them.


Stormy said...

Urban fantasy - the kind that isn't centric around boffing vampires and hanging out with werewolves. That isn't so dark and depressing you go read something cute until you reach equilibrium again.

Cyberpunk that isn't pretentious or a thinly-veiled Neuromancer rip-off.

Jim Murdoch said...

I'm a great fan of the novella but publishers are not exactly falling over themselves to publish them and, when they do, the price is always disproportionately high.

tf said...

Honestly, I just have trouble finding GOOD books to read. GOOD=no stereotypes, no purple prose, a reasonable amount of plot twists. Books written by authors who care about their readers and about quality; not authors who focus on money or on their own little worlds.

There aren't really any sub-genres, time periods, subjects, lengths, or writing styles that I'm looking for because they aren't out there enough.