Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just... boggled--veinglory

I recently came across this book on Amazon.

200 Authors and How They Were Published

This work holds two hundred authors in one book, each with their own pages and each with their own stories to tell. These are the authors from PublishAmerica, and this is their book. To become a published author is a dream come true, but to share that dream is an even greater ambition. [...] For those of you who are pursuing your own dream of becoming a published author, this book will be an inspiration. For everyone, 200 Authors and How They Were Published will be an amazing insight into the lives of some very incredible authors. Although there are many publishers to choose from, all 200 authors featured in this book have chosen PublishAmerica-and with good reason. This publisher is amazingly supportive of new and existing authors, and they treat everyone with the respect they deserve. This book is personal; this book is special; this book is the TWO HUNDRED.

This book is un-bloody-believable. 493 pages of authors puffing their PA books. Believing that anyone would want to pay $29.95 for it is... special. Sorry, that may sound harsh, but, I really am astounded that this was ever offered for sale. I presume the fact it has an Amazon ranking at all is down to some of the 200 buying it.

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L.K. Campbell said...

Hmm? Another way for PA to make money off its authors. You know they have to counting on the 200 authors plus a couple of relatives each buying it. 600 copies at $29.95 each would add up to $17,790. A 60% cut for PA would still net be over $10,000.