Saturday, December 01, 2007

RE-REVIEW: 'Fu(k All' by Matthew Damon

Title: Fu(k All
Author: Matthew Damon
Price: Free E-book or Paperback $ 12.06
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Lulu
Point of Sale: Lulu

The original title 'Dairies of a Creep' makes a little more sense to me. Almost 300 pages of someone aimless, playing guitar, doing drugs, having sex with women and spending most of his time homeless.

To begin with the anecdotes pulled me along but after a while it became a parade or parks, arguments, drugs and girls that were hard to distinguish from each other. I began to really yearn for some kind of development. Most memoirs eventually come to the point where the person has learned something, moved on and achieved something even if it is only a degree of insight and some piece of mind. In this case we get this only as an epilogue and a brief one at that.

Although reviewers I respect have enjoyed this book, and I found it readable, to me it seemed less like a memoir and more like one of those reality TV shows where you watch people crash their car and run away from cops and other foolish things, only in this case it is actually the same guy over and over.

Interesting as a window into a another person's life, but ultimately just a parade of 'then I did that, took this, fucked this and felt bad about it, and then did it again.' I suspect this book and the apparent sequel with a real ending could be edited into one hell of a memoir but in my opinion this is not it.


Reviewed by Emily Veinglory: Emily Veinglory is a writer of m/m erotic romance and fantasy with a dark or paranormal twist. Her fantasy novel King of Dragons, King of Men is now available on

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