Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SHORT/FREEVIEW: 'What We Do' by Ben Adams

TITLE: What We Do
AUTHOR: Ben Adams
GENRE: Contemporary

The good new is that the story had some good characters and made some interesting cuts in time--there were also a couple of cute lines and exchanges. For example:

“Look. When God gives you a sharp stick in the eye,you learn to live with one eye.”
Bob frowned. “Isn't it, if God gives you a lemon, make lemon aid?”
Jon shrugged. “I don't know Bob, God's never given me a lemon.”

The bad news is that the story doesn't really go anywhere and although there are only a few typos the formatting is just all over the place with what looks like a two inch top margin and paragraphs not indented.

There is a glimpse of talent in this story but a lot more evidence of a rush to get work out before it has been properly edited and formatted.

RATING: 4/10

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