Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Policy for the Disposal of Review Copies--veinglory

It strikes me that POD People should have a policy for the disposal of review copies. My suggestion is the following:

"Review copies may be retained by the reviewer for their personal use. If they do not choose to retain the book they will delete it (for ebooks) or discard or donate it to a charitable cause (for print copies). Review copies should not be resold.

Ebooks that are not selected by any reviewer within six month will be deleted. If a reviewer requests a print book and is unable to provide a review the book will be passed to a second reviewer able to make a firm commitment to providing a review.

If an author has a special request regarding book disposal they should make this request clear in their submission and we will do our best to accommodate it."

1 comment:

Darryl Sloan said...

You should no qualms about reselling your review copies. You've invested a lot of time reading the book and honoured the author with your promised review. A few dollars is a small reward for the many hours of effort you invested on behalf of the author, and it moves the book on to a new reader, who is potentially a new fan.

Any author who would get snotty about a reviewer reselling a book is out of line.