Tuesday, July 31, 2007

From Podler:

"If you watch public television, you know all about the periodic membership drives that most stations conduct. Here at the PODler we decided to conduct our own version of such a drive by asking you to contribute by using the above Amazon Paybox in the next 30 days. Why? Like keeping public television on air, keeping the blog running takes money. For me the money comes in the form of the time that I invest to keep the blog running. I would like to keep doing this pro bono, but in real life, as we all know, nothing comes free. The demise of bloggers like PODy Mouth and the slowdown in posts at other review blogs still going reflects that reality--we all have other, more pressing, commitments, and the blogs are essentially spare time hobbies. This drive, therefore, is also a test of the community's ability to come together and a test of the relevance of this review blog to that community. After all, if no one is willing to contribute even a dollar, what's the point? So, please contribute and tell your friends to do so as well. "

My Reply:

"I truly hesitate to say this, but...

What is the point. The love of great fiction? Support of the industry? A chance to share our views? Whatever motivation it was that caused one to start the blog and must, ultimately, cause one to continue it (or not, if it falters).

Asking for donations is one thing, many blogs do. But suggesting a bribe is necessary to continue and prove the communities "worth" strikes a sour note IMHO.

PBS have enormous overheads. A user of blogger has none and either feels the use of their time worthy, or not."

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cheryl anne gardner said...

Agreed Emily

When someone solicits for money for whatever reason: overhead, wages for their time, etc. it no longer becomes a mere personal blog, which this is at the moment, it becomes a business (even non-profit is still a business). When that happens, the services offered in this business should be clearly outlined, fees should be set, and a certain amount of professional ethics needs to enter into the matter. Yes, review blogs offer a service to the POD industry and its writers, so it is of the utmost importance that they offer a professional service, especially if they intend to ask for money in any way. Should Podler decide to branch into the review business, I wish him well and only hope for the Pod community that his business model is comparible in professionalism to, let's say, ReaderViews.

In all honesty, blogs don't really do much for the Poder, but a service that offers tear sheets and reviews placed on Amazon or other book seller sites makes a difference. A difference I would gladly pay for. BTW, aside from pay services, the truly good review businesses also offer open call free reviews as well, which many of us have enjoyed, so no, you are not buying a review.

I read books because I love it. I review books because I want to share with others, and as a bonus, its good for the ole writer's mind. I would never dream of charging for a review on my blog, donation or otherwise.

So Podler, whatever you choose to do ... good luck to you. Just keep in mind that people will always expect more when there is money involved.