Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Self-Published Magazines

So, give a poor potential customer a hand here. Today I got the idea that I might want to check out magazines and periodicals available through Lulu. My logic is that I love the idea of magazines--but I hate every actual mainstream magazine out there. Especially the women's mags. So maybe what I need are some niche self-published magazines on topics that interest me.

Only I can't even find them on Lulu. It isn't a product category or an effective search word. I know they exist. Why can't I find them?


cheryl anne gardner said...

You're absolutely correct, no category listed as: magazines. I tried a simple word search under: periodical and came up with a ton of stuff to browse through.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

From Pamela:

At Lulu I used "magazines, subscription" in the advance search and got this:

Rosetta's Magazine:

The Slash Skinny:

Here are some of my other search word results on Google...

search words: “how to self publish your own magazine”
Opium Den Magazine:
Entry page:
Magazine page:
Subscription page (see bottom of page):

Search words: "magazines independently published"
ForeWord magazine:

Organic Family Magazine:

The Comstock Review:

Search words: "POD Magazines independent publishers", gave me this article, which I thought enlightening:

Go to the paragraph where "Best of both worlds" starts and read...could be why there are so few POD magazines going through publishers; everyone is doing their own "publishing" stuff.

Just thought I would share... :)

- Pamela

Anonymous said...

From pamela again... :)

iUniverse as this to say about POD magazines...

Search word "Magazine"


Quote: Magazines, Catalogs, Greeting Cards & Calendars
At this time, iUniverse does not publish magazines, catalogs, greeting cards or calendars.
End Quote :)

Aspen Mountain Press gave me nothing when searching with "magazine".

Anonymous said...

From Pamela...ONE MORE TIME (LOL)...

While doing the above surfing, I stumbled upon a feminist site who gave up this little diddy: BUST

Definitely not Vogue or Lady's Home Journal... (ROFLOL)... and work safe.

Emily Veinglory said...

I like BUST. It's a bit full on. Why is there so little in the middle ground beween Cosmo and BUST?

Emily Veinglory said...

I love how a Christain family mag and a slash mag came up side by side :)

I was rather hoping to be able to search effective within the magazine category for my favorite subjects....

Christine Norris said...

Maybe not on Lulu (at least not anymore, they started there though), but here's some independent mags...

elmorehammes said...

"Magazines" published at Lulu would generally be either saddle-stitched paperbacks (thin books with staples binding the pages) or thin paperbacks - Lulu does not have what you would see as a traditional printed magazine with very thin, glossy pages. There are several periodicals published - doing a general search on Magazine, Monthly or Quarterly would find many of these.

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