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'The Romanov Cache' by Dimitri Gat

Title: The Romanov Cache
Author: Dimitri Gat
Price: $22.12, paperback; $11.00, ebook
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-84728-055-8, paperback and ebook
Publisher: Lulu
Point of Sale:

Two priests travel far seeking forgiveness for the unjust murder of a man once loyal to the Romanov monarchy. Hidden jewels, gold, and other valuables belonging to Nicholas II guaranteed provisions during the Czar’s exile from Russia. The last of this murdered man’s family line resides in America, the only person who must absolve an ailing priest before his death.

In a Pittsburg suburb, Yuri Nevsky entertains Father Alexei, a Russian Orthodox Priest. Father Alexei begs Yuri to hear Father Ruslan’s dying confession in killing Yuri’s father, Vladimir Nevsky, decades ago. Only Nevsky descendent can forgive Father Ruslan’s crime. Yuri senses an ulterior motive for seeking him out, so waits before visiting the ill priest.

Within hours, two more Russian visitors seek Yuri’s help, except this time they want to locate the Romanov treasure secreted away by his grandfather, Sergei Nevsky. His new visitors speak of the Romanov family’s imposed abdication and an organization called the Sons of Continuity, in which his grandfather belonged. Upon Sergei’s death protecting the fortune’s location transferred to his children, Vladimir and Anna. With both long dead, Yuri now holds the key to the Romanov treasure – or so everyone believes.

Face paced thrills that spans two continents keeps the reader entertained for hours. Amid some humor and deep, dark intrigue lays a mystery waiting for Yuri to unveil. With his female sidekick, Charity Day they come together to solve an almost century old crime while trying to unravel the riddle of “The Romanov Cache”.

A continuation from his 1982 New York Times bestseller, “Nevsky’s Return”, Mr. Gat gives a dramatic picture of Russia’s struggle from Communism into Democracy; poverty still abounds inciting greed amongst its people while political corruption is the glue of their government. It is a fine line between fact and fiction, although still makes for a fascinating read. Many members form this story’s cast; small town farmers, elite businessmen, and sinister God-fearing hit men; just naming a few. Reaching back over eighty years, their lives entwined within an intricate web of deceit and greed. A few wish to protect the treasure while others long to renew Russia’s autocratic government.

A politician within Russia’s legislative body, Boris Detrovna needs wealth to finalize plans in becoming Russia’s next leader. His lasting self-indulgent duplicity bars him from an honest presidency, so to clean it up requires possessing the Romanov Cache that will buy him an unsullied authority. Yet, another man campaigns for Russia’s leadership. General Ostrovsky restores the Sons of Continuity, formed during Nicholas II’s monarchy, calling all its descendents to aid Russia’s return to a military government. Their numbers grow as the years pass, and with the treasure in hand he will reinstate Russia’s military to superior reverence, again.

From a different front, the Force for Leadership wishes to place a compassionate God-fearing man in the presidency. A practical man, Korchevko’s visionary position wins him a large following; publicly proclaiming to merge Russia’s best qualities – “generosity, strength, and spirituality” - when forming his new government. The only thing he lacks is financial support, which the cache will rectify. Then there is an aging leader of the Russian Orthodox Church exercising authority to possess the Romanov fortune. Bishop Paulos seeks reparations for the years of enduring an oppressive government. He fears the return of Communism that lorded over the Church with cruelty and condemnation. The cache promises to restore churches to their former glory while garnering him respectability within the Church.

All these players want wholly to own the Romanov Cache, going so far as to murder anyone standing in their way. Regardless, for all concerned, a Russian-American naively impedes their success – Yuri Nevsky.

“The Romanov Cache” is gripping… compelling… an amusing, fun read where Mr. Gat constructs an intricate puzzle stimulating readers to structure many plausible scenarios in solving this mystery. Start this book early in the day because you will not want to put it down until the end.


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