Saturday, June 23, 2007

Okay, so... just to celebrate being back and all--let's have a look at the google waves people are riding into our blog. My top ten:

moving storage chicago pod

This is not the pod, I mean blog, you seek

my main reason was

Um, the self-defense? Demonic possession? The editors at Tor are suppressing my transcendent genius?

dog erotica

This is not the dog, um, blog you seek...

nude sister inlaws


hugh despenser

Who needs Pez. I'll take mine in "Grant" flavor.

gay butchers

[blink blink]

chants to banish evil

Get thee behind me, Publish America

despair acrostic poems

They have the same effect on me

chloroform boy

lamest ... superhero ... ever.

erotic nut kicking stories

[blink, blink, blink] Ouch.


Susan Higginbotham said...

I guess I would account for "hugh despenser" but not "despair acrostic poems"!

I had someone using the search term "how to please my wife" come to my website.

The Gline said...

"erotic nut kicking stories"?

I felt something shrivel up just TYPING that.