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'Rise and Walk' by Gregory Solis

Title: Rise and Walk
Author: Gregory Solis
Price: $16.99, paperback
Genre: Horror
ISBN: 978-1-4303-0600-9, paperback
Publisher: Hadrian Publishing/Lulu
Point of Sale: Lulu
Books a Million: $18.69,
Eruditor: $21.99,
Barnes and Noble: $16.99,
Amazon: $16.99,

Nestled in the Sierra Mountains a small California town is the recipient of a meteor, giving a camping geology class a rare opportunity of scientific discovery. Collecting samples confirms the iron composition of the astral debris… a true meteor. Impatient to wait for the small mass to cool, a student pours lake water over the hot iron. The green mist emitting from the meteor kills a few students close by, though severely burning others. The following events can only be described as a frenzied cannibalism.

Trained in martial arts and the Kendo sword fighting, Jack and Tony, friends since childhood, are in Whisper, California for a paintball tournament. Veronica and Nikki work in the campground convenience store, while their boss, Andy works with the contestants for the weekend warfare competition. As the game begins, the college students have devoured a family of three, a teenager, and a fisherman; so increasing their flesh eating numbers. Their pursuit for fresh “meat” carries on, scouring the woods for more unsuspecting campers and other visitors. Even the forest ranger makes for exquisite take-out.

Riveting terror … fast-paced action…intense suspense makes for an entertaining, attention-grabbing horror tale. “Rise and Walk” is superbly orchestrated as it opens with a captivating first chapter, and then continues to hold the reader’s attention through the rest of the story. Genuine sturdy characters give authenticity to the uncontrolled terror reigning in this small town. Mr. Solis creates a plausible scenario where zombies quickly consume practically all the mountain inhabitants, though realistically fended off by four young people who possess a strong sense of survival. Providing additional intrigue is a paintball tournament, where Lance, the son of wealthy parents, rigs the competition to lean in his favor. Two chapters comprise of this event, offering a nice reprieve from the gory dining.

The two men and two women come together after Veronica discovers an injured man while walking in the woods, so seeks help. She stumbles across Jack and Tony, entertaining Nikki; she delivered their paintball prize money. Following Veronica back to where the man was last seen, they find he has disappeared. Yet, a short distance away, the foursome observes a man staggering towards them, with his throat torn away. Banning together they plan an escape only to face the enemy again…zombies can smell fresh “live” meat from a great distance.

Overall… one of the best horror novel’s I have read in a while.


Reviewed by: In August of 2006, Pamela broke into book review writing with Erotic Escapades, but writes for The Erotic Bookworm, The Muse Book Reviews, Romance At Heart, and now POD People. Her own web site, Chewing the Bone exhibits book reviews in multilple genres, including children and young adult fiction. With all that she has going on Pamela finds time to dabble in flash-fic writing. Although, she doesn't aspire in becoming a published novelist, because it would take valuable time away from her first love... reading.

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