Sunday, June 03, 2007

'My Story': Chris Gerrib

1) Why did you choose to self-publish and what were your expectations?
Frankly, I felt that my novel, The Mars Run, was a good read, but not "commercial" enough. It's too short (50,000 words) and the plot is episodic vs. the classic three-act plot. I expected to make a few sales, have fun, and maybe get my foot in the door with an agent or publisher for other work.

2) Why did you select your specific publisher?
I went with for a simple reason - they were cheap yet reliable. There are a lot of POD shops, such as Publish America, that have a bad reputation as to not actually delivering what they promise. Other POD shops, such as BookSurge, want to sell editing via their in-house editors. BookSurge in particular also has very high pricing. My book goes for $12.95 on Amazon. Via BookSurge, the same book would retail for $15.95.

3) How is it going so far? Are you achieving your goals?
Well, I've made a few sales and had fun, but the "foot in the door" thing hasn't worked out yet.

4) What advice would you give a person who has completed their manuscript and is considering self-publishing?
Don't! Seriously, self-publishing for novels should be a last resort. Send it out to a few agents and publishers. If you get turned down, and you understand why, then consider self-publishing. I've seen too many self-published books that are just miserably bad. If the book isn't any good, self-publishing is just a waste of money and time. If you do self-publish, you'll need a thick skin, because you will get some bad reviews.

Chris Gerrib is the author of the science fiction novel The Mars Run. This story is a new-future adventure of commercial travel to Mars, involving piracy and natural disasters. Warning: contains adult language and situations.

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