Friday, May 25, 2007

Looking Forward to the Weekend

It has been a while since I personally posted a review. I am currently job hunting and awaiting the verdict on my application for an H1 visa to stay here in the US. Today I will also deliver the manuscript of my third novel 'Father of Dragons' to Samhain Press (I have also written 10 novellas, my love for that length is one reason for my preference for e-publishing). I still have 30 pages to proofread before firing it off to my editor as promised. So of course I am currently across town in a cafe having latte and quiche and typing on my laptop like an uber-nerd. But that book will be sent in before I sleep tonight! Then I will have a virtual pile of great ebooks and a long weekend ahead of me... so expect some new reviews soon.


Virginia Lee said...

Good luck with your job hunt and your visa, Emily. I wish you well.

Looking through your blog, I can see I'll be learning a lot about POD and that can't be a bad thing.

Enjoy your weekend!

Gillian Polack said...

Visa stuff is an inevitable ick - goodluck with it. Also with deadlines. I like writing deadlines, so I'm not nearly as charmingly sympathetic about them :).

BTW, the editor of the Australian online magazine New Ceres is offereing free subscriptions to the first 10 bloggers who are prepared to the review the site. I don't know if this is your kind of thing at all, but you can find the zine at htp:// (my interest in this is that I helped design the world and adore it).


Nancy said...

I love novella-length works as well. They're complicated and involved, but you can still read them at one sitting. Novellas are my top choice for plane rides and whatnot.

Benjamin Solah said...

Being involved the refugee movement here at home, I know Visas can be a pain best of luck.

Look forward to some reviews when all that hell dies down.