Sunday, May 27, 2007

'The Pleasure Palace' by Sara Winters [ADULT]

Title: The Pleasure Palace
Author: Sara Winters
Price: $9.99
Genre: Erotica
ISBN: n/a
Publisher: Inky Blue Allusions/Lulu Press
Point of Sale: Lulu

The Pleasure Palace is a pleasant, playful sort of erotic story. We are introduced to a hotel that specialises in some extra sexual services for its guests. The main characters are three of the staff in an interesting sort of love triangle and a married couple checking in for the first time. The sexual scenarios are fun; they are brief but varied like a 'sampler' of some of the more intriguing combinations and practices available to the characters. Some of the hotel's features, like the elevators with extra buttons to suit exhibitionists or just couples after a novel souvenir, are amusing.

The presentation is adequate but a stock cover on the version I reviewed, minor proofreading errors and the whitespace created by spreading just over 20,000 words over more than 80 pages is somewhat distracting. I see the currently advertised version has a new and much improved cover art (shown right). For a novella of this length I would consider $9.99 a tad steep.

I would certainly recommend this author for a sexy daydream material but the sexual scenarios are too brief to be what I would, with necessary crudeness, call "stroke" material. The characters are believable; the plotting is adequate but not complex.

RATING: 5/10

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