Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Thoughts On The Business of Publishing

Thought #1

Jeff Duntemann, chief cook and bottlewasher at Copperwood Press, had been publishing his output thru Lulu. Well, for various reasons, he's moved, releasing his latest novel via CreateSpace. He's also got a short story collection that he's trying to put out electronically, entitled Cold Hands and Other Stories. He's got some interesting thoughts on the process so far on his blog.

Thought #2

Many moons ago, I reviewed Charles Sheehan-Miles' novel Republic. After I reviewed his enjoyable work, I rather forgot about it. It turns out that Sheehan-Miles has been making a decent amount of income from the book. At least, he was, until Amazon changed their website. But for those that are interested, you can stop by his blog and hear what he's doing about it.

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