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Page 99 From Cyberhug.me
A Science Fiction Adventure
By Allan R. Wallace
Reprinted with Permission: Copyright By Allan R. Wallace. All Rights Reserved.

Book Description: When evil resists a push, it doesn't push back, it immediately seeks to destroy. Boldness is required for first limiting and then overcoming evil.
Of course surviving is nice too.

"Do you know how the gang members are situated at ambush?"

"Quite simply. The leader and his strongest two fighters are hidden behind the fallen tree. Five or six other gang members are in hiding on either side of the road, just enough forward so they won't hit each other with cross fire. When I left there was a gangster on your right with an antique rifle. There was no evidence of its use in the village, so he may have little ammunition for it. There are two outlaws further in the woods to your right, holding children. These guards have sidearms, but they use clubs and whips when driving children."

"How many children, and how old are they?"

"Over twenty children, most ranging in age from about six to twelve years old, other children were killed, although we did rescue a few left for dead or hidden. Adult survivors were tortured trying to find any hidden cash. " The gaffer shakes a bit, but continues on.
"They did take one pretty five year old girl - my granddaughter."

"What of the ambusher's weapons?"

"They all have energy weapons, although most also carry knives or machetes. Some of the energy weapons may be broken, these are treated more like jewelry than weapons. There may be other outlaws about, we think they are headed toward a permanent camp. They don't rest often, or stay in one place long."

"If we engage the ambush, will your group be able to protect and free the children?"

"We are already as close as we can get, give us a distraction and we'll try. We may be old warriors and grandmas, but we will not hesitate. We've made plans each time the gang separates, hoping for a chance to attack successfully."

"Would you like to ride with us, we will go up and talk to these outlaws, if talk they will. Otherwise we will engage the ambush on their terms."

"Can you give me an hour to get back to my group? I'd like to join in freeing the children."
Allan R. Wallace (aka: BFuniv) Trains Visionaries
Contrariwise: I write things that annoy the obdurate.

Allan is author of cyberhug.me - hacktivist cyberwars for human rights. He has also crafted a financial insight web site, Speculation Rules; and a slew of shorter works.

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