Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Page 99 -- La Tiers du Cylindre

Page 99 from La Tiers du Cylindre
A Novel
by Mihai Cristian
Reprinted with Permission: Copyright By Mihai. All Rights Reserved.

Book Description: How much of our lives do we actually control? How much of it is actually chaos? How much of ourselves do we really know? What about the others around us? Mihai Cristian's debut novel is trying to figure out exactly that. Every good story begins with a couple of questions.

I wouldn’t have minded if this stillness would have persisted for the rest of my life. This world is so big and there are so many people in it, that we all can find our own Eve and our own little paradise. And this small French village on the mediterranean coast was my very own paradise. A paradise worth fighting for, worth protecting. We fell asleep, still holding each other in our arms.

Have you ever wanted to be a big part of someone else’s life? Someone you hardly even knew? But someone you felt you have known for a lifetime, or felt that maybe you met in an entire different lifetime all together? I guess love is a chaotic as the rest of the gauges and mechanisms that allow us to live. Simply being here, breathing this salty air is nothing short of a miracle. Every single day is a miracle, a miracle we should enjoy and we should never take any of this for granted. Because miracles don’t last forever. Everything can be taken away, everything can break down in an instant. That was the only thing that put a shadow on my happiness. The fear that I could loose everything. But I guess it’s okay to be afraid. It’s the only way you can tell if you are actually there, inside your head, and that you are actually living your life.

About the Author
Mihai Cristian(b. 1990) is a Romanian writer who curently resides in the city of Constanta. In 2006 he was awarded first prize in the Nicolae Labis National Literary Contest, in 2010 he was awarded first prize at the Tinere Condeie Literary Contest and was a winner of the Nanowrimo Contest. La tiers du cylindre is his debut novel.

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