Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Experiments in Self-Publishing: Goblin Tales

My friend, Jim Hines, is a writer who's published seven novels via commerical publishers (mostly DAW). Three of those books were his Goblin Quest series, which is a fun-for-all-ages fantasy romp starring goblins. For various reasons, he decided to move on from that to fairy tales, starting with a re-imagining of Cinderella.

But Jim still likes his goblins. He's also a short-story writer, and he had several characters in the Goblin Quest universe who could support a short story. So, he decided to write five such short stories and release them via Lulu. Effective today, the collection Goblin Tales is available in paper and electronic versions at Lulu. If you're looking for some humorous fantasy, drop on by. I know I will.

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