Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Writer's Digest Conference NYC

From the Writer's Digest Conference Website
Find out what some of today’s top agents think of your work!

Pitch Slam
NEW: Intensive Workshops & Bootcamps
Expert sessions, in-depth guidance on how to succeed
Ready for a critique? Is your work getting rejected? Unsure of how to take that first step? The Writer’s Digest Conference will help you get answers to these questions and help you better understand today’s marketplace. Put yourself in a position to sell your work!

Topics and Themes for 2011
Getting Published in the Digital Age
Formats for publication have exploded, but writers looking to land a publishing deal still have a tough road ahead of them. We’ll walk you through your options, show you what happens inside a publishing house, and get you where you want to be.

Perfecting Your Pitch
We’ve brought back our famous Pitch Slam, so we have plenty of sessions to help you make the most of your time to shine. Learn how to make a great impression, hear what agents want, and perfect your pitch!

Honing Your Craft
These sessions will do a lot more than “show, don’t tell!” Authors like John Greene, James Scott Bell, and Hallie Ephron will talk all about writing a page turner, no matter what your genre.

Platforms and Social Media
Every writer has been told they need to have a platform to publish – but building your base takes hard work. Successful marketers, authors, and publishers in social media will show you the how and why of brand building so that you can bring your writing to the largest audience possible.

The Future of Publishing
Doom and gloom pundits have declared book publishing dead a long time ago, but there are still great authors, publishers, and agents out there who believe there’s a place for the well written word. At the Writer’s Digest Conference, you’ll hear why we may be on the cusp of a massive explosion of literary opportunities and watch a rousing keynote by Richard Nash on “How to be an Author in a World Where Everyone Is a Writer.”

Who Should Attend?
  1. Writers interested in finding representation for their work and in honing their pitch to publishers and agents.
  2. Writers who keep getting rejected after submitting their manuscript to an agent or editor.
    Writers looking to understand their publishing options, including self-publishing in ebook and print.
  3. Writers who want to hear the secrets successful authors have used to build their platforms and sell books.
  4. Writers who know that publishing is changing and want to find the best format for their work.

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