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Page 99 -- Trevor's Song by Susan Helene Gottfried

Page 99 from Trevor's Song
A Rock n Roll Novel
By Susan Helene Gottfried
Reprinted with Permission: © Susan Helene Gottfriend, All Rights Reserved

Book Description: Fame and Fortune have destroyed many a rock star, but Trevor Wolff has a bigger problem when his best friend Mitchell Voss commits an act of monogamy with sexy artist Kerri Broadhurst. ShapeShifter band dynamics will never be the same with this new woman on the scene, and the distractions of two girlfriends and a world tour aren’t enough to keep Trevor from feeling like his carefully constructed world is crumbling around him. The pesky little illness he’s been hiding from his band mates isn’t help, either.

Trevor is determined to drive Kerri away so life can run properly. He’ll do whatever it takes, or die trying, and not just because if he doesn’t get well soon, time might be up for old Trevor. The last person he expects help or sympathy from is Kerri herself, but he may have to make common cause with his enemy if he’s to survive the fallout from the secrets he’s been hiding.

Mitchell, who was an idiot, there hadn't been anyone in his corner. Why should that change now?
"I can't do my best by you without some help," Amy said, piercing him with those damn Voss eyes. "And dammit, Trev, you of all people deserve my best."

He had to look away. The silence stretched as he scuffed his boots on the carpet and twiddled with some paperclips on her desk. In typical Voss fashion, she waited.

"You sure?" he asked tentatively and sat down.

"So positive, I've already made the appointment for you. I'll tell you now, though: if you don't get her in bed before you're in remission, I'll be disappointed in you." With a knowing wink, Amy slid two small pieces of paper at him. One was a note with the appointment time and place, complete with directions on how to get there and where to park.

"What's this?" he asked about the other.

"Medicine. In men, there aren't a lot of side effects, so don't call me every time you sneeze. We want you on it now, and if I catch you missing doses, we're going to do more than cancel the tour."

He jerked his head up, eyes wide. "What do you mean cancel the tour? We're not cancelling shit, Aim! And for that matter, you're not telling anyone about this, either. Not the parents, not Mitchell, not anyone. Hell, not even Derek!"

He trusted she'd catch the way he hadn't used Mitchell's very fitting pet name for her dork of a husband.

"Patient-doctor confidentiality, right?" he went on when she pinched the bridge of her nose. Just like her baby brother did.

"Of course," she sighed. "But we need to talk about cancelling the tour until you're well."


Writer, blogger, and all-around book lover, Susan Helene Gottfried claims to have a "bad habit of writing about dudes in rock bands (and the people who orbit them.)"

When not writing, Susan runs the publicity blog West of Mars -- Win a Book, which helps out authors and book bloggers of all sizes and shapes. You can find this and all the rest of Susan's online world at http://westofmars.com/ Be sure to check out Rocks 'n Reads for more of Susan's reviews.

Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/trevors-song/11768723
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Print copies also available at a discount direct from the author. Details here: http://westofmars.com/west-of-mars/the-books/trevors-song

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, it looks good. Thanks, Cheryl, for featuring me and Trevor.

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You're welcome Susan. I gots me a lot of love for the Indie Author.

Keep Rockin' on.