Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Official Indie Book Reviewer List by Christy Pinheiro

Christy Pinheiro is the owner of PassKey Publications an independent press focusing on Accounting, Finance, and Tax preparation books. Christy is also an Indie Author and runs the Self Publishing Review blog under the moniker The Publishing Maven and the Indie publishing resource site Step by Step Self

I met Christy a while back when she sent me an invitation to join a book bloggers network over on where she was creating a list of review blogs willing to take on self-published books. That list eventually morphed into a full-blown ebook released by Christy this week on her blog, which you may download here for only 99 cents in PDF format.

There are a number of review blog listing sites, first and foremost, the Preditors and Editors site, but there has never been a more comprehensive list than this, and at 99 cents, it's a bargain considering all the work that went into it. Christy also keeps an abridged version of the list on the website as well, which is updated frequently.

Need to find some new review sites for your indie published book, here's the place to go.


Christy Pinheiro said...

Thanks for the mention, Cheryl! I appreciate it. I've already added 15 more reviewers to the list since it was launched, so I will be doing an update in January. It's so hard to get book reviewers for indie books, so I finally decided that this resource needed to be created. It took a LOT longer than I orginally anticipated, but I'm happy with the response.

Anonymous said...

I've tried a few of the reviewers on the list, but nobody bothered to answer, which is extremely disheartening.