Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Indie Author and Advocate: JC Phelps

I met JC over on Facebook at the Breakout Books Page. JC is an Indie author, with several books under belt, and she has begun profiling other Indie authors and featuring all manner of book promotions on her site, as well.

As JC says on her blog: A good way for an author to help themselves is to help others.

I couldn't agree more. Part of the reason I joined The Pod People was to get less hyper-focused on my own writing. Giving something back to the Indie community, be that praise for the many excellent Indie books I have read, an inspirational rant or two about art and what that means to me, or just some honest to goodness free editorial advice seemed like the right thing to do -- felt like the right thing to do. It allows me the opportunity to give my own writerly ego a break. My words aren't the only words out there.

So if you would like JC to feature your book follow these instructions:

1. Comment somewhere on the JC Phelps blog that you'd like to be featured there.
2. Follow the blog.
3. Send her the information for your book via: authorjcphelps at yahoo dot com

What you need to include in your email.

1. Links to where your book can be found - Amazon, Smashwords, etc.
2. A cover picture of your book (jpg format).
3. Either a short synopsis or the back blurb from your book.
4. Any comments from the author you'd like to add like a contest/giveaway that you'd like to mention?
5. One review of your book, if you have one, so pick a good one.

I love following review and profile blogs simply because not everything I review here on the Pod People site comes from an official query. Many of the books I have reviewed were books I stumbled upon via Facebook and Goodreads groups, Indie blogs, and word of mouth by other Indie book readers. Queries really only make up a small portion of what I review here, so when I see another writer giving it up for the community, I just gotta say something about it. So follow her blog. Pick up one of her books if you read in the genre, and stop by and friend the Breakout Books page on Facebook. Pay it forward. You'll be glad you did, and you might even find a good book to read in the process.

Cheryl Anne Gardner


JC Phelps said...

Thank you for posting this! I really appreciate it.

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

You're welcome JC. It's nice to see others promoting Indie Books. We need all the sites we can get.