Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pubit Is Now Live

PubIt! is now open and ready for you to start selling your eBooks! In no time at all, you can create an account, add your first title, and put your eBooks in front of millions of readers with the world’s largest bookseller.
Please note that to complete the PubIt! registration process you will need to have:

  • Your U.S. bank account information (routing number and account number)
  • Your U.S. credit card information (credit card number, expiration date, and billing address)
  • Your tax identification information (Social Security Number, ITIN, or Employer Identification Number)
Click here to begin the PubIt!
I am not sure yet if I will be using this service since my books are distributed to Barnes and Noble through Smashwords, which means I would have to take them out of circulation with Smashwords B&N link and then reload them all with Pubit. Sure, I could cut out the middleman and make more if I went direct, but for me, I am not sure it's worth the hassle. Shannon Yarbrough over at the LL Book Review is going to do a test run with one of his books, so stay tuned to his site for a detailed account of the process.


Kae said...

:-( It's live, but you have to have an "invite" to set up an account. I've requested one. Hope it comes soon.

Look forward to the feedback on this.

Shannon Yarbrough said...


Don't hold your breath. I had to re-request an invite and have yet to receive it. My current log-in is not working and although I've contacted PubIt! support, I have yet to get a reply. When I attempt to log in, it just reloads the log-in screen and doesn't take me anywhere. I'm not sure if this is an isolated situation with just me or if they are experiencing issues across the board. I'm guessing the latter.


Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

An invite???? WTF?

I think I'll leave my stuff with Smashwords. I've never had anything but success with them and the Kindle DTP. So my stuff is already listed with B&N.

Although it would be nice if Smashwords would get Sony ironed out. We've all been waiting a while now.

Kristine said...

As a card-carrying member of the Paranoids-R-Us Society, I can't get beyond their three requirements of bank, SS#, and Colonoscopy access - to make it by "Invitation Only" is just the icing on my Staying-With-Smashwords cake.

Emily Veinglory: said...

So, no Pubit for us suspicious foreigners.... A tax number is possible but the other to pretty much not gonna happen for most of Americans.

Shannon Yarbrough said...

As a quick update, I've asked for a password reset twice, and a new invite twice. The log-in screen continues NOT to work! When you email support, you get a blanket email back with the exact same link in it to try again. Anyone else having trouble?

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

Seems like they can't get the damn thing working even if you are a US citizen with all three requirements.

Doesn't instill a whole lot of faith. I too think I will stay with Smashwords. I don't need any more aggravation trying to get my stuff out to the public.

S.L. Armstrong said...

Just to add my two cents...

I received an invite this morning and, within 20 minutes, had my account set up and two of my books uploaded to the system. I prefer working directly with B&N instead of through Smashwords, and pulled my ebooks off of B&N via Smashwords as soon as I uploaded to B&N directly.

So, I suppose at the moment it's very hit and miss?

Shannon Yarbrough said...

Update: I finally received an email from a person who was able to reset my log-in and get me signed in. I have yet to upload any books of my own but hope to soon.